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Coffee: My Love Language

What is truly the way to my heart? Or at least, getting on my list of possibly, maybe being friends? Coffee!!! If anyone has ever seen me in the morning (or if I’m at work, also the afternoon), then they might have noticed that I have a coffee in hand. Today I uttered to the students sitting in my classroom during homeroom, “welp, a tragedy has just struck” and one of them looked at me and asked, “out of coffee?” Even my students learn early on the way to my heart – coffee (in all forms: conversation about coffee, gift cards to Starbucks, coffee mugs, coffee shaped candles…you get the idea).

Recently a friend of mine posted a great reminder about life that used a cup of coffee as the metaphor, and it really resonated. In fact, it resonated so much that it inspired this post.

A cup (or sometimes Tervis) of coffee is the perfect way to look at life:
It should be our goal to make sure that the coffee mugs of those around us are always full – if they’re not, do something to refill their cup.
If we’re walking around with a full cup of coffee and someone bumps into us, what happens? It spills. Should we panic and sit down and cry at the lost coffee? Probably not. We should wipe up the mess, move on, and be thankful for the coffee that we have left.
If our coffee goes cold, we should find a way to heat it up again. (Unless you like iced coffee. Then that’s a different conversation.)
If our coffee seems too bitter, we should find a way to sweeten it up.

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I’m sure I could keep listing ways that coffee is a perfect way to look at life, but I’m sure by now you all get the picture. I’m sure you also have a look into my brain with my complete and total love of coffee. 🙂 But really, coffee is a way that many of us communicate: we bring coffee to the ones we care about, we offer coffee to someone visiting our homes to make them more comfortable, we remember the way someone takes their coffee to show they are important to us, coffee is used as a first date, coffee can bring people together.

I’m sure there are many other love languages out there, but if you want to speak my language, make sure coffee is involved. It is the key to happiness…at least in my life.


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