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Speak Your Truth

In a world with millions of people, we can expect there will be billions – trillions – of differing thoughts and opinions. We have come to live in a world where people are attacked for thinking differently or have an opinion that is different from the person they are talking to. However, it is important to remember that we all have differing perspectives, different experiences that we bring to the table and the way we view and react to a situation. It is important to remember that when we have all of the facts, all of the information we need that we should stick to our truth and speak about it. If there is something that needs to be said, then say it. The more we allow ourselves to cower beneath someone else’s words, the more power we give them and the more we take away from our own power.

Yes, it is true that words can hurt. It is true that words can undercut another person. But it is also true that we can draw strength from them. It is true that we can find common ground if we have the courage to speak about our own truths. Just because your perspective is different from someone else does not always mean that you are wrong. (Are there times when this is true? Of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.) Our experiences and feelings are what make us unique, but they are also what connect us to others. It is by learning about another’s story that we can find common threads. It is by hearing about someone else’s struggles and hardships that we gain perspective of our own lives and those around us.

When we are attacked for our position or our approach to a situation, we have to remember to stick to what it is that we believe in. If you feel strongly enough about something, then you should stick to your truth. There are many times when another person will try to control you by telling you that you are wrong in what you’re saying – simply because it’s not what they think. There are times when your words hit a little too close to home and others will try to manipulate you to stop. There are times when someone is so used to getting their own way that when someone says something that goes against them, it can cause anger and outrage. It is in those moments that you shouldn’t let your power be taken away simply because it upsets that person; instead that should show you that you must continue to speak your truth so that your voice isn’t silenced.

Recently I was called “bitter” and “selfish” (along with other things) because I was sticking to what I believed in. I was told to stop writing about my life in my own blog. However, the things that I write here are for me and if they speak to another person then I welcome that. The things I write here are my own truth and I am going to continue to speak them. We are each on our own journeys that shape our own experiences, our own perspectives. We each experience a wide range of emotions; we each respond differently in situations. But if I can share my truth and connect with others in the process, then I will continue to speak that truth. If I believe that I can make a difference somewhere, in some way then I will always speak my truth.


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