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A Change of Scenery

Why is it when we change our scenery we can get a better perspective? What is it about physically changing our location that can compeltely change our mindsets? Can give us the clarity that we’ve been looking for? That we’ve been needing?

What is it about changing our physical space that allows us to change our mental space?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, except to say that for me it works. When I leave my home, even if it’s to go to a restaurant or someone else’s house, or to take a trip across the country, I find that my thinking becomes clearer. That my emotions feel a little less muddled. That my heart feels lighter.

There’s something a little strange about being physically removed from your every day. Being away can almost give your regular, every day schedule a bit of a dream quality. It feels fuzzy – almost a bit disconnected from reality.

But just like with a dream, it allows us to put things in perspective: What are we really saying to ourselves? What is it that we want at the end? Where are we along our journey? Are we afraid of what’s in front of us? All of these questions and more, we’re able to face with clarity when we change our scenery. All of these questions and more allow us to decide if we’re facing in the right direction, or if we need to adjust our course.


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