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Knowing You’re Not Alone

Going through a divorce can be an isolating experience. Even though you are surrounded by family and friends who are there to lift you up, it often feels like you are alone in your pain. To help me understand what I was thinking, what I was feeling – especially after learning about the affair – I did what I’m best at: read.

It was then that I discovered another blog called Lessons From the End of a Marriage. It was by reading her posts that I realized there were other people who knew what it felt like to be in a similar spot that I found myself in. I knew that like her, I needed to share my voice to help others learn that they’re also not alone.

Even though the divorce is finalized, I know that my journey is not over. It is was from another post on that same site, After the Affair: When Does the Pain End? that her words echoed within me as I read her piece. Even though I know I’ve made strides in my healing, I understand that it is part of the path I am on.

No matter where you find yourself in life, it helps to know that you are not alone – even if sometimes it feels that way.


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