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What’s Your Story?

Every person you meet has a lesson to teach, a story to tell, and a dream to share.

Robin S. Sharma

If there’s anything I’ve learned through my separation and eventual divorce, it’s that everyone has a story – one that they don’t always want to tell, one that they might not show to the world. It’s these hidden stories that make us who we are – it’s what shapes our character.

I’ve learned that I always want to look for the best no matter what the situation. I’ve learned that I want to always show others kindness, because I want the same kindness shown back – not only to me, but to the entire world. I’ve learned that it’s best simply to listen; it’s when we listen that we hear the greatest of stories.

I’ve learned to take advantage of the opportunites that come my way – opportunities to travel and to meet new people, opportunities to open myself up in ways that I didn’t think would ever be possible again. It is through taking advantage of these moments that I have met some amazing people.

I have learned that there are so many remarkable people out there! There are new friends who feel like you’ve known them forever. There are new friends that make you laugh as you rediscover who you are. There are generous people who are willing to take your hand even if they’ve just met you. There are new friends to love that also love your old friends. There are so many wonderful hearts that can come together if we give them the chance.

I have learned that my story doesn’t define me, but it has made me the person I am today. We should never stop learning; we should never stop loving; we should never stop looking for the best in others; we should never judge before we know the story.

We all have a story – so what’s yours?


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