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Sometimes We Must Break…

Sometimes we must break in order to become whole.

I believe that like the seasons or the phoenix, our lives, our emotions, our thoughts must fall apart before they can come back together.

The pressure that builds inside can only keep building so much before you break.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – you can have a day where you let yourself feel everything to the core. You cry and your tears are like the rain – they create mud puddles, they flood, they rush over. But then once you’ve stopped, it’s as though you’ve been cleansed. The rain has washed away the pain, the anxiety, the hurt. The pouring over of emotions allows you to make way for the new ones.

By breaking we can rebuild. By breaking we can become more beautiful as we are reminded by the Kintsugi pottery.

When we break, we can put the pieces back together and fill the spaces with gold. We can recognize our faults; we can acknowledge where our strength lies.

We can take the help from those around us who want to make us whole again. That help to make us the best version of ourselves presents itself in many forms: it can be wine and ice cream sitting quietly with a friend, it can be in the meditation at yoga, it can be in exerting our strength at the gym, it can be found pushing ourselves on a run, it can be found by drinking hot chocolate while looking at Christmas lights, it can be found in the chair at the therapist’s office, it can be found in the snuggles of a dog or the laughter of a toddler.

I fall to pieces. I break when it feels like it’s all too much.

But more importantly, I know that life is a series of events that can make us stronger. I know that every time I break, I can fill those cracks with the gold found in my life.

Life can explode into flames and the tears can soothe the burns – we become the phoenix rising from those ashes of what we leave behind.


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