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The Universe Listens

Drifting along we can feel lost. Drifting along we can feel like we don’t know what the next step should be. Drifting along is exactly that…

But when you acknowledge where you are at, when you acknowledge that you want a change to happen – sometimes, the universe listens.

The hardest part is knowing when we are being presented with new opportunities. We can become so lost in that drifting that we don’t truly see what is right in front of us. We become too comfortable in the safe little bubble that we create for ourselves.

That drifting can give us blinders but when we need it, the universe notices and shows us what we need – especially when what we need is to change. This article (from is one that I had come across before, the the ideas presented in it are so helpful and meaningful that I wanted to share:

In the article, it talks about being able to let go, being able to move forward in our lives. I feel like every one of us needs this reminder every now and again so that we can appreciate the opportunities that are there.

I know I have made mistakes by not being fully present, by not fully appreciating what I have had when I had it, by holding on to things and emotions that can simply become a burden.

But the great thing about living is that we have the ability to grow and learn from those mistakes. We have the ability to become the person we want to be and sometimes that means change.
We can let go of the things that are not serving us well.
If we want to be better, we can.
If we want to learn something new, we can.

Each breath, each moment we are changing and sometimes it takes a cue from the universe to open up our eyes to that.


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