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It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

I still struggle. There are times I still feel lost. There are times I still feel like I'm drowning. There are still times my brain goes numb and I forget how to think. There are times still times I wake up and don't remember where I am. There are still times the emptiness of the... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Obstacles

Every day when I walk into the classroom, I want to set the best example that I can for my students. I want them to be as enraptured in the books that we read as I am; I want them to find the positive in their situations no matter how difficult they seem at the... Continue Reading →

For many of us we use the calendar to help us remember important and special events in our lives. We know that January 1 is always New Years Day, that February 14th is Valentines Day, and October 31st is Halloween. But our brains don't just remember the days that are happy events, we associate certain... Continue Reading →

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