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Escape (Pt. 2)

In June I wrote another post that I titled "Escape" in which I talked about not being able to escape the reality I found myself in. I talked about no matter how much I wanted to leave I couldn't. However, that simply wasn't true. What I needed was to change my mindset. What I needed... Continue Reading →

There’s No Right Way

We all face difficult moments in our lives. Some last for simply that - a moment. Others last for far longer than we would care for them to. However, each person handles situations differently. Each person processes, reacts, reflects differently. When someone is going through something, it is so easy to judge and say "this... Continue Reading →


Today is my wedding anniversary. Legally, technically, still on paper I am married. Today I have been married for 10 years. On this day, 10 years ago, I stood in front of hundreds of family and friends (literally) in the church I was raised in and married my husband. On this day, 10 years ago,... Continue Reading →


So often I seek escape from this life that has become mine. But there's no real place to escape to. I seek escape from the thoughts that swirl inside my head. I seek escape from the feeling of unease that follows me. I can go outside into the open air and it can still feel... Continue Reading →

In Limbo

One of the hardest parts about divorce is the waiting. Waiting for a final decision from your partner (hoping the nightmare isn't real); waiting for the paperwork; waiting for the court system; waiting to hear back during negotiations; waiting to heal. The waiting means it's hard to know how to feel. The waiting means that... Continue Reading →

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