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Sometimes We Must Break…

Sometimes we must break in order to become whole. I believe that like the seasons or the phoenix, our lives, our emotions, our thoughts must fall apart before they can come back together. The pressure that builds inside can only keep building so much before you break. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - you... Continue Reading →

Alone at Christmas

Lately I've been feeling sick. No, not Coronavirus sick (although that did cross my mind and I started looking up symptoms). I haven't been able to really eat since Thanksgiving, except after I exercise. I have a whopper of a headache that doesn't seem to abate. I have alternated between not being able to sleep... Continue Reading →

In Limbo

One of the hardest parts about divorce is the waiting. Waiting for a final decision from your partner (hoping the nightmare isn't real); waiting for the paperwork; waiting for the court system; waiting to hear back during negotiations; waiting to heal. The waiting means it's hard to know how to feel. The waiting means that... Continue Reading →

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