Beauty in Difficulty

Divorce is hard.Therapy is hard.Collecting the pieces of yourself is hard.Life is hard. And yet - each and every one of these things, each difficult thing we face is beautiful. (I'm sorry, what?!) It's true. In the midst of each one of our difficult moments, they suck - and they suck hard. But when we... Continue Reading →

How Divorce Prepared Me for a Pandemic

My COVID quarantine experience started in a very similar way to many in the United States...In March, on a Friday, we were informed through our work emails that the governor was going to be shutting down everything for two weeks. It was the end of the work day and most of the teachers in my... Continue Reading →


I hadn't felt the need to write as much lately. I hadn't given much thought to where "we" were...actually, that's a lie - it's been about a year since the divorce has been finalized but so much longer since we separated. And yet, I find myself thinking so often. But today it hit me differently.... Continue Reading →

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