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About Me

Welcome to my journey!

In 2018 my life changed in a way that I never dreamt it would. I had gotten married in 2009 and began building a life with my husband and our dog Pugsley. In October 2017, I found out that my life was not as it seemed. After trying to work to save our marriage, he made it clear that I was no longer his choice as a life partner. So in 2018, I found myself starting over. I found myself with a life that I never would have imagined for myself. In 2019, a long and difficult divorce was finalized – but that wasn’t the end of the story.  Since then I have been learning what my new “normal” is and what it looks like for my life.

I have learned to fill my life with joy and happiness despite the confusion, the heartbreak, the loss that I have felt. I have learned to recognize what is truly most important to me. I have begun the journey to relearn who I am.

This is my life; this is my crazy; this is my adventure. Welcome to the time of my life.

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