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Finding Our Inner Light

I was reminded recently that each of us has a light inside of us. It is this light that shows us the best parts of ourselves and guides us to be the best person we can be.

It is so easy to forget about that light when life gets difficult. We allow the darkness of loss and sadness to cover it up. When we go through a breakup, a loss, something that causes us heartache – when we feel the anxiety rising, when we find ourselves questioning our self-worth – the darkness can cover up that light.

When we lose someone we care about, the loss can take over – every thought, every emotion is about them. When that person is suddenly gone, we question what could have been different.

We live in a world where things and people are more connected than ever. But that sense of easy connections also leads to a world where people find it easier to leave. Being connected to someone allows us to feel loved and cared for, but when it is so easy for people to walk away – that loss can feel more profound, especially without any sense of closure. In a society where it is so easy to connect, it has actually become more difficult to communicate.

We find ourselves able to communicate in memes and quotes, but unable to have real conversations – meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations. So when we are left so easily, we are left with questions about ourselves and how worthy we are of love and acceptance and the darkness from the fear of not finding those things.

However, that darkness teaches us lessons. The emotions that overwhelm us with fear and doubt allow us to see our own vulnerabilities. We are able to see our own shortcomings, the areas of healing that need to be done. We are able to find our areas of growth. We are able to see the possibilities for improvement within ourselves.

And that’s when the light within us can shine the brightest. It’s when we accept our faults that we can begin to see how we can grow. That light guides us towards new connections, new possibilitites.

Discovering what makes us shine brightest allows us to shed the things/people/feelings that bring the darkness. Finding that light allows us to let go of the things that do not serve us, that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. Whether it’s by accidentally stumbling upon those things or purposely puruing the things/people that allow that light glow brighter, we should acknowledge them and thank them as we continue on our path.

That light shows our faults, but it shows how we can accept others for their own faults as well. We should always be changing in ways that bring us closer to our best potential. When we stumble, we can see where our path needs to be repaired. When we find peace and contentment, we can try to help others find that too. When we have the difficult conversations, the weight of darkness becomes lighter. When we express our fears and anxieties, the heaviness lessens by taking away the power those things hold over us.

Our inner light isn’t just for us, but for us to help guide others when they have struggles of their own. We can help to ground and guide through sharing our own experiences. We can grow together as we find commonalities in that light. The light that we share, no matter how small, can become reflected back at us when we connect with the right people allowing for infinite growth.

The darkness can be heavy and sometimes necessary. The light illuminates our potential, our path, and all of the good that awaits us.


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